The Western Shootout

Every year I would travel down to Venice Beach in Los Angeles and join my friends at the annual Western Shootout. The Western Shootout was a great tournament of basketball while being played on the beach.

I started attending this tournament back in 1994. Oh the memories that were made their and the people I got to meet are forever planted in my mind.

Me and my best friend Greg McCall started heading down their every year together. I got a chance to play in the tournament once back in 2001. I was not as good as the guys on the court but I appreciated the few minutes I got. So many great memories made at Venice Beach.

My hoop life was enriched because these men. They were all heroes to me and still are.

Greg McCall
Jimmy “June” Henry
Kelly Owens, Chris Childs, Sean Manning, and Fred Eckles
Chris Childs and Robin “Sik Wild It” Kennedy
Tracy Murray and Greg McCall
Greg McCall and Reggie Cotton
Russle Brown

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