The Aari McDonald Basketball Camp

I took photos this past weekend at Aari McDonald’s first basketball camp. It was a great camp for all who attended. Aari is a true role model for so many young people and it is inspiring to see and experience. I am really proud of her.


I love to sit courtside at a basketball game. This year I bought season seats for the Cal State Bakersfield Women’s Basketball team. My good friend Greg is the head coach. A few months back he was telling me about the team selling courtside seats. I decided to buy a couple of seats. Although the […]

Candy Corn

I have been so busy Vlogging that I have not had a chance to write. Between therapy and life coaching everyone, I have been super busy. My niece Erica McCall called me the other day and had an idea for a photoshoot. So, this is what we came up with. It was fun and sticky!!!!

I’m So Nike!

So… a month or so ago I was in LA hanging out with my friend Greg. His daughter plays for the Connecticut Sun of the WNBA. As we were hanging out after her game against the LA Sparks we had dinner. At dinner, she pulled out a GoPro and started recording. Nike had given her […]

Love & Basketball

I love a photograph that captures the moment. That moment captured can be laughter between two people, a father’s smile who is proud of his daughter, or two people in love holding each other. While I was in Washington DC last month that is what I was able to capture. A moment of laughter between […]

Playing Hoop

I started hooping again this past summer. I took about 4 years off as my love affair with basketball can come and go. Also, I only mean playing basketball. Watching hoop is something that I will never get tired of. It feels good to be back on the floor.

My Spring & Summer of Basketball

I had a very busy Spring & Summer. I first traveled to San Antonio, Texas for the NCAA Women’s Final Four. I had the chance to see my god-daughter Aari McDonald play against UConn in the National Semi-Final game and win! I then traveled to the ATL and watched the Hawks play the Magic. The […]

Washington DC was lit!

Where do I even begin? I went to DC for the first time in my life. I went with my homie and best friend, Greg. He has two daughters who play in the WNBA, Dewanna Bonner and Erica McCall. On August 31st, they played against each other in a Head to Head family battle in […]

Feet on the Floor

Growing up as a kid and watching basketball was always great. I always wanted to be as close as possible to the game. I wanted to hear the players calling out screens. I wanted to hear players yelling at the refs because they missed a call. I wanted to be on the floor next to […]

Summer League

If you know me… then you know how much I love basketball. Well, I went to Las Vegas this week for the NBA Summer League. When I tell you it is a “Basketball Fan Heaven” that is exactly what I mean. Everyone in the NBA is in the building. I saw God Shamgod, Mark Jackson, […]