Holy Water

Here is a story that Keli wrote for an English class. Holy Water  My days are busiest early in the mornings or after dinner time. The life given to me was built off of being used for everyone’s personal needs and self-relief. I am a necessity for life, more than you may realize. I sit […]

Introducing… Clubs & Holes

Clubs & Holes

I grew up playing basketball my entire life. It was the only sport I have ever loved. But, that changed a few months ago when I went and played Golf for the first time in over 15 years. I once worked at a Country Club in the early 90s and I would think to myself […]

I have been on the run!

I have been on the go this summer. First, I finally went to Europe. Paris, Amsterdam, and London were all new experiences for me. After two weeks in Europe, I came back home to the states. I took a few weeks off from traveling and got ready for my next adventure, New Orleans! But, before […]

Goodbye, London

I went to London. I won’t be back. But, I took some photos.

Hello, Amsterdam

Have you ever had a preconceived idea about a person or a place? How about this… have you ever met a famous person and they were the complete opposite of how you thought that they might actually be in person? I always heard people say that they met someone famous and that famous person turned […]

24 Hours in London

Where do I begin? Let’s start with how my day was going before I got to London. I woke up ready and excited to see London. The day before, in Amsterdam, was an incredible day. I woke up early from my sleep and could still feel the good vibes of the city of Amsterdam and […]

Hello, Paris.

Do you remember Superman 2 or 3? Do you remember that scene where Superman has to save the world from terrorists from setting a bomb inside the Eiffel Tower? As a kid, that was a magical thing to see Superman save the Eiffel Tower and the world. But, that Eiffel Tower was something else. I […]


When I was younger I knew I wanted more for myself. I knew that I didn’t like being poor. I knew that I wanted to see the world. I wanted to be the best version of myself. When I was in high school my Aunt Mary Lou would keep me up to date on the […]

Call Me If You Get Lost

It was my Aunt Belia’s 95th birthday the other day so I went to Pasadena to celebrate. My mom’s birthday was also coming up and I had a really tough time with her not being here. I got lost but in the process I found myself.

A Letter to 14 Year Old Michael

Dear Michael, Oh, how I love you. You have no idea who you will become. You have no idea what you will accomplish. You have no idea who you will inspire.  Your biggest supporter won’t be around anymore. Your dad will long be gone from this earth. All the people who you grew up watching […]