Hello, Paris.

Do you remember Superman 2 or 3? Do you remember that scene where Superman has to save the world from terrorists from setting a bomb inside the Eiffel Tower? As a kid, that was a magical thing to see Superman save the Eiffel Tower and the world. But, that Eiffel Tower was something else. I […]

The Aari McDonald Basketball Camp

I took photos this past weekend at Aari McDonald’s first basketball camp. It was a great camp for all who attended. Aari is a true role model for so many young people and it is inspiring to see and experience. I am really proud of her.

Meeting Kwaku Alston… My Favorite Photographer

A few weeks ago I posted a question to my social media friends. Who is your favorite photographer? My personal choice was Kwaku Alston. I had the chance to meet him back in 2009 at Venice Beach. It was a cool experience. He gave me some advice that I still live by today. Shoot what […]

RIP Jerronn

Jerron is my wife’s younger cousin. He passed away earlier this week from complications from Covid-19. He was only 44 years old. Jerronn was the first person I met in my wife’s family. I actually met him before I met my wife. Back in the day, I was a cable installer. One day I had […]

Honolulu, Hawaii

I love to travel. Traveling sets my soul free. It allows me to see and experience a much larger world than me. Growing up as a kid I only traveled in California and a couple of times down to Ensenada, Mexico. My mom was not a traveler but she never stopped me from traveling. I […]

Hawaii Almost Five-O

It took me almost 50 years to get to Hawaii. My wife bought a few plane tickets and we were off to Honolulu! What a beautiful place on earth.

Candy Corn

I have been so busy Vlogging that I have not had a chance to write. Between therapy and life coaching everyone, I have been super busy. My niece Erica McCall called me the other day and had an idea for a photoshoot. So, this is what we came up with. It was fun and sticky!!!!

Louis Gill for Congress

My good friend Louis Gill is running for congress. There are not many men that I admire or look up to in life, but he is one of the chosen few. His heart is made of love and that is something most can’t say about a lot of people. He knows how to lead and […]

I’m So Nike!

So… a month or so ago I was in LA hanging out with my friend Greg. His daughter plays for the Connecticut Sun of the WNBA. As we were hanging out after her game against the LA Sparks we had dinner. At dinner, she pulled out a GoPro and started recording. Nike had given her […]

Love & Basketball

I love a photograph that captures the moment. That moment captured can be laughter between two people, a father’s smile who is proud of his daughter, or two people in love holding each other. While I was in Washington DC last month that is what I was able to capture. A moment of laughter between […]