When you are younger you never think about what your life will be like when you are older. I never imagined my life at this new age of 49 or as I like to say, “Entering my 50th year of life.” You think about the future but just not in the way of being older.

I have never liked looking to the future. I like staying in the present. I like to just go with the flow and see where life takes me. Sometimes I like the destination and other times I don’t. 

I never saw the future without my mom. I always knew it was a possibility but I never imagined it to be true. I never thought about celebrating my birthday without her.

I never imagined being married and having children when I was younger.  But, here I am 26 years later with Gina, Kobe, and Keli.

I never thought about having a dog in my house that I would like. But, now we have Chewie.

I never thought about who my friends would be in the future.  I just wanted good people around me that made me better. I wanted friends that would push me to be my best.

I never thought about all the people that I grew up admiring would no longer be here in the flesh. People who had a zest for life when I was younger and made a huge impression on me. Bob, Tia Linda, Aunt Mary Lou, Tia Katie, Aunt Chris, Aunt Gloria, Uncle Roy, Uncle Willie, Cousin Becka, Tio Pascaual, and all of my moms friends.

I never thought about being older and not having my dad around.

When you are younger you just don’t think about those things. It’s not till you realize that you have gotten older and each day is more precious than the day before. You try your best to not let the circumstances of life get to you.

You try your best to forgive and forget.

You try your best to be a kind human and hope the best for the world.

Today, I am forty-nine years of age. I still think I am 20 with much more wisdom. 

I am not getting older… I am  younger. 

I am better. 

I am wiser.

I am smarter.

I am healthier.

I am stronger.

I am…

March 29th, 1973 was a great day. I was born. I was put here on this earth to give love and support. So, Happy Birthday to me!


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