I love traveling around the country. With each experience that I have it opens my eyes to so many challenges our country faces. People like to argue about Republican vs. Democrat, but I see this as more of an issue of right vs. wrong. The rich vs. the poor.

I ask myself what did my generation do wrong? Where did we drop the ball? Or what is currently happening in America something that was put in motion a long time ago? When I say what is currently happening, I mean, how did our education system fail our youth and when did we stop caring about each other as Americans.

I took the above photo when I was in New Orleans this past summer. It is a moment that I saw a young child playing the drums while an uncle or father guides him. It reminded me of something I would have done with my own son. It is also something that this generation is missing, guidance. We have so many youth that are lost and have no direction and it bothers me. We need more men to step and guide our youth in the right path and change the world. Just my thoughts for today as I reflect on my own life. May peace be with you.

Write it down. Take a picture. I don't give a f*ck!

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