Keli Makes the News

A few weeks ago my daughter was having one of those defining moments in life where you hit the fork in the road. She had created 2 options for herself.

One, she could continue the path that she had created. Which by the way was not a bad path. Back in December of 2019, she decided to start an accessory line for women. Rings, necklaces, and other items that she would make available for sale online. was born. Her official launch date was February 7th, 2020. She started off with a bang! The business even got better as the pandemic hit the states. She has been doing well all year.

Option Two, well that is another story. This option was to quit! This option was start something completely new and abandon what she started. Now, I know from experience what that means to quit. I have started and quit many things. I knew I could not have her quit. She just needed some encouragement. She also needed some tough love. I had to yell at her a bit. Suck it up! Retail has sale cycles and you need to get used to it. Holiday shopping is just around the corner is what I told her.

What is amazing is that she never had a slow month. She stayed consistent in sales the entire year. Most of her frustration was because of her own expectations. I would tell her that everything takes time. Be patient and it will come to you.

She finally listened to me and her mom and she kept pushing along. Out of nowhere, a local new stations, 23 ABC News reaches out to her on Instagram and does an interview about Cyber Monday. This really helped her see the big picture. Keep going and don’t stop!!!!!

Write it down. Take a picture. I don't give a f*ck!

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