Shoot What You Love…

Michael Lopez Photography - M329

“Shoot what you love”. That is probably some of the best advice that was ever given to me. Shoot what you love. How simple of an idea.

Taking photos of what you love for a living is the hard part.

Don’t we all wish we could walk around and just photograph things we love and earn insane amounts of money to put food on the table? Sure, we all want that. The truth is, sometimes we have to photograph things we don’t like. We have to feed our family. We have to take on a photo assignment that does not interest us or the budget is not ideal. 

One of the ways that I have been able to work through this is by making sure that any assignment I do is something that satisfies me creatively. That I shoot the photos the way I see them, the way I love them.

Michael Lopez Photography - M329

Last June I was hanging out at Venice Beach. As the family and I were walking down the boardwalk, I saw this beautiful exotic woman walking towards me. She was absolutely stunning. I just kept thinking to myself why did I not bring my camera with me (That’s another story!). But out of the corner of my eye I see this huge 8×10 camera and a man flagging the lady down. It was Kwaku Alston (If you don’t know who he is then check out his site).

I ran over and I waited for him to finish taking the photo. I asked him for advice on my photography career and he said, “Shoot what you love and it will show”. 

Now here I am thinking that he was going to give me some complex answer. No. It was just shoot what you love. I had to think about that for a few months and what it really meant to me.

I shoot what I love and I shoot it the way I see it. If I get paid or not it does not matter to me. Did I take a picture that I love. If I love it, it will show when others view it and I will be able to earn a living.

Shoot what you love and the way you want to see it. Do it from your soul and that passion that burns deep inside of you.

I hope this helps someone.

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Write it down. Take a picture. I don't give a f*ck!

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