Today people are heading to the polls. They will make their decisions based on the issues at hand. They will also decide  whether or not to vote for a person based on what they have seen in the media. The media plays a big part in our decision making.

I have had the opportunity to help shape some of those images that you have seen. It is a big responsibility as a photographer to portray people in a positive light. The wrong angle or ill use of light can affect someones perception of that person.

Each of the candidates that I have photographed over the last couple of years have been very down to earth. They are just regular people who want some type of change to happen in our great country.

But it takes more than just them to make the change. It takes all of us. We have to be willing to stand for something. Sometimes we let the media have to much control over our decisions. We have to start thinking for ourselves. We have to all participate in order to make things better.

I will never tell anyone who to vote for, but instead tell them to participate  and choose based on their research of each candidate. If you want someone to lead you then you need to know who is leading you. Just because I make them look great does not mean that you should not learn more about them.

Go out and vote and make some change today!

Write it down. Take a picture. I don't give a f*ck!

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