What I Learned Photographing Project Bookface

Project Bookface

I learned a lot about people. I shot photos of over a hundred people in 5 months. People that I knew and people that I had meet for the first time.

What I learned the most was about people and their willingness to give. People want to support organizations that are really trying to make a difference in their communities.

People want to be apart of something bigger and creatively different. I feel as though I was able to accomplish that with Project Bookface.

What I learned from taking the photos more importantly is that a project like this takes time and lots of detailed work. I had to make sure each photo looked it’s best.

Project Bookface

I also learned that preparing the images to be put on display took a lot of hard work. I was blessed to have great people around me who gave me such great support.

But I think the biggest lesson that I took from it all was the promotional side of it. How important it is to promote your photo projects or business. I sometimes only like to say something once because I do not like to be annoying. “Here comes that photo guy with his project thing…”, is what I think most people will say about me. 

I only hope to inspire people to make change. Think outside of their box and challenge themselves to be the difference in their community.

You can view the Project Bookface photos by visiting http://www.m329.com/home/project-bookface-gallery.php

I again want to thank everyone who participated in this amazing project.

Write it down. Take a picture. I don't give a f*ck!

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