Not only am I a photographer and videographer, but I also own a sneaker consignment store in Bakersfield, California. The first of it’s kind in the Central Cali. Must Be The Sole, a sneaker consignment shop in Bakersfield, California interviews Francisco Garcia. Francisco talks about growing up and his love of Jordans. (Source:

The 3’s 

Air Jordan 4 Thunder has been added to the collection.

Here is a new photo I took of my Jordan Son of Mars shoes. Enjoy and use as a wallpaper.

The Jordan X’s – This evening I taught a group of students about photography. Since I just picked up a new pair of Jordan X’s, I thought I would teach them how to light still life photography. They learned about how I think about light and how I modify it and how I use foil […]

Air. Jordan. Three.

Good things come in 3’s.  I always continue to work hard. I never stop pushing myself to be better. Whether I am playing basketball or taking photos of basketball shoes, I continue to push myself. I have found that this is the best way for me to learn. Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I fall […]