I was inspired by Matthew Jordan Smith with this photo. Thanks for the inspiration!


Breanna. Pasqual. Alex. Monic. Tia Katie. Aunt Gloria. Aunt Mary Lou. Carlos. Angel. Dominic. Crystal & Sophia. Alex. Rebecca. Keli. Mom. (Diane) Each one of my family members have contributed something to me in my life. Each has a special place in my heart. I hope I have given them something to be proud about […]

I have been so busy lately that I have not had any time to post. I usually use this time to focus on something that is going on in my life. But this post is strictly about basketball.  For those that know me, they know I am a die hard baller at heart. If I am not taking photos […]

Friends. How many of us have them? I personally have a handful of friends that are part of my “wolfpack”. My friend Mass is in my “wolfpack”. Mass and I go all the way back to high school. We both grew up with very little money, yet we both have risen from our poverty stricken […]

The Covenant Messengers. I took these photos a couple of weeks ago.