Here is a video that I shot and edited for Dignity Health this past spring in Bakersfield, California. (Source:

Agitate. This is my interpretation of the word. (Source:

Jubilee in Human Nature. She sleeps so peacefully. (Source:

Eat. (Source:

Learn. (Source:

This is a great video that should inspire you. Move! (Source:

A Special Gift

I produced this vignette for the Bakersfield Homeless Shelter. It was a very moving experience for me. Take a look and get involved by donating money for a great cause.

Growing up as a young man is tough. When I was younger I had older cousins that I looked up too. My favorite cousin was Russell. I looked up to him like a rock star. He was funny, cool, caring, and just a cool cat. I wanted to be like him so bad. I idolized […]